Representative James M. Murphy (D-Weymouth) has recently hosted Weymouth Seniors as part of a free workshop on financial education and security at the Whipple Senior Center in Weymouth.

The Office of Economic Empowerment (EOEE) provides financial education workshops for senior citizens. They enlighten older members of the community about ways to manage their finances in addition to updating people about ways to avoid financial exploitation. These sessions include fraud and scam prevention, banking, credit, savings, financial recovery, and more. Qualified volunteer financial educators present the FDIC’s Money Smart for Older Adults curriculum to constituents.

Representative Murphy hopes that these events will help ensure seniors recognize the risk of scams, guard against identity theft, arrange for financial disasters and prepare for possible loss of ability to manage funds.  “I would like to thank the State Treasurer’s office and EOEE for coming to our great town and presenting at the Whipple Senior Center” Representative Murphy said. “It is a true honor being able to represent our community in our State Legislature, and I look forward to seeing this successful event continue for years to come.”

Workshop Objectives

Objectives include:

  • Recognize and reduce the risk of elder financial exploitation
  • Guard against identity theft
  • Plan for possible loss of your ability to manage your finances
  • Prepare financially for disasters
  • Find other helpful resources for managing your money and reporting financial