Each year Representative James M. Murphy (D-Weymouth) welcome students from the town of Weymouth to visit the State House. This year they hosted the entire Ralph Talbot School (K-4).

The students were taken on a tour of the State House, which was led by a State House Historian. They walked the halls under the golden dome learning about the history and politics of the Commonwealth. The tour included visits to the Governor’s Office, the Senate Chamber, the Great Hall of Flags, Memorial Hall, and concluded in the House of Representatives Chamber.

Once inside the Chamber, the students had the opportunity to meet with Representative Murphy to ask questions about what it is like to be a state legislator. The students were also granted special permission to sit in the desks that the members of the House sit in during formal sessions when voting on legislation. Representative Murphy used this time to encourage the students to become an active member in their communities in hopes that one day; some of these students may make their way to becoming elected officials themselves.

“I remember my visit to the State House as a student when Bob Ambler was the State Representative for Weymouth and it inspired me to become an elected official” said Representative Murphy. “I truly believe in the significance of the youth in our community as they are our future leaders. We talk about how they can make a difference in our community.”

Each student leaves the State House with a personalized citation, commemorating his or her visit and participation in the ‘Students to the State House’ program. The official State House photographer also takes a class photo.