Today, Representative James M. Murphy (D-Weymouth) announced that the towns of Weymouth and Hingham have been awarded grants for fire safety. The Weymouth Fire Department will receive $5,000.00 for Gear Extractor Equipment and the Hingham Fire Department will receive $4,800.00 for turnout gear equipment.

“I am happy that the Hingham and Weymouth Fire Departments will be receiving state funds for gear and equipment for that will reduce firefighters’ exposure to cancer-causing chemicals on the job. Our firefighters face hazards on a daily basis, and we are thankful for their commitment to our communities. I look forward to continuing to work with the Professional Firefighters to ensure they have the assets they need to help keep their members safe and healthy.”

Through the Washer-Extractor Equipment Grant, $420,000 was awarded to 75 departments that will obtain a new washer-extractor to clean their structural firefighting gear after contact with smoke and other toxic chemicals. Because some of the recipient agencies are acquiring regional-use machines, 84 departments will benefit from them.  A national standard set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) on the care and cleaning of structural firefighting gear delineates specific types of machines that should be used to successfully eliminate cancer-causing chemicals after each fire. Every washer-extractors purchased with this grant will meet this standard, and allow personnel to wear clean gear each time they leave the fire station for an emergency,